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Devon Dempsey
The owners of this shop are extremely knowledgeable and go out of their way to explain everything and suggest what would work best for you. Thank you so much!

Dascha Dandera
This product has changed my life. My very favorite product is the extra strength oil for sure..however you can't go wrong with the Dr. Feel Good either....both are amazing...edibles are really doing the trick now also...love the fruit roll ups, gummies and chocolate. I look forward to trying all of the products they have to offer , as none have disappointed. 🙌Do yourself a favor and don't delay your visit .....you are going to wish you hadn't waited so long.

Katelyn Jones
Recently discovered this shop while exploring new Smyrna beach and it completely changed my life (sounds cliche) but it's no joke. Suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks and the edibles have changed that all for me no longer have that problem when I feel it coming on it completely mellows it out and I forget all about it. The lollipops taste amazing. Will be returning to get more edibles and would like to try out the oils as well. My father joined and he was able to try the lotion out for his hand pains that are severe and just a small amount literally did wonders for him we will be making a trip back to get some! Great deal and prices! Amazing service and so welcoming and explained everything so perfectly. Thankful I found this place!!!